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An Energy Management System provides a highly efficient means of monitoring and controlling the environment and energy usage within a building

Ashdown Controls Energy Management SystemsIt is an analytical tool which looks at energy usage, patterns of expected consumption and identifies the drivers of your energy consumption, to provide information you can act on that will help deliver energy savings.

This is a web based tool which is able to compare all of your meters, across multiple sites and time periods thus making it ideal for managing a multi-site organisation.

Ashdown Controls when required will install all the necessary meters including heat, electric, gas and water meters.  Ashdown also offers an independent Energy Monitoring Bureau service, providing customers with regular reports to assist in the management of their site’s efficiency.

Benefits of an Energy Management System to you

  • Extended monitoring and control helps you pinpoint and eliminate wasted energy
  • You can view and compare across multiple sites
  • Alarm notifications are sent when anomalies are detected in expected consumption
  • You save time on manual analysis and reporting
  • Can reduce your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint
  • It facilitates an efficient building and occupancy comfort
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