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Portadown SRC

Southern Regional College (SRC) Portadown Campus stands as one of Northern Ireland’s premier education providers, boasting an annual enrolment of approximately 10,000 students and a dedicated staff of over 900 members.

Project Brief:

Seeking to uphold its reputation for excellence, SRC embarked on a mission to upgrade its outdated control system by replacing redundant IQ1s & IQ2 controllers with the latest Trend controllers.


Despite SRC’s robust infrastructure, the project encountered several obstacles:

· Requirement to reassess strategy for select controllers.
· Fabrication of complete panel for a wall-mounted controller.
· Necessity for panel modifications to accommodate the new controllers.

Solutions Implemented:

In response to the challenges faced, the following solutions were executed:

· Removal of obsolete Trend IQ1s & IQ2s controllers.
· Installation of the latest Trend IQ controllers with additional 10 modules as needed.
· Revision and implementation of updated strategies tailored to the new controllers.
· Thorough testing and commissioning of each controller to ensure optimal functionality.
· Integration of all controllers onto the IQVision front end for centralised control and monitoring.


The successful execution of the project resulted in:

  • Improved operational efficiency and system reliability.
  • Seamless integration of modern controllers into SRC’s infrastructure.
  • Enhanced control and monitoring capabilities through the IQVision graphical interface.
  • Increased energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and operational costs.


By demonstrating a commitment to innovation and excellence, Ashdown Controls in collaboration with Southern Regional College successfully modernised the buildings control systems, ensuring its continued ability to provide top-tier education services to its students and staff alike.

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Portadown SRC
Portadown SRC
Portadown SRC
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